Golf & Life Skills

Since our founding in 1994, we have used the game of golf to engage youth and help develop the character they need to be successful. We couple golf instruction with a curriculum designed by First Tee that teaches kids life skills – like how to introduce yourself to someone new or what to do when you get angry or frustrated – and core values like respect and honesty. Our team of PGA members and apprentices offer classes after school and on weekends at our par-3, 6-hole Honors Course presented by TaylorMade (Oceanside) and par-3, 18-hole Colina Park Golf Course (City Heights).

By seamlessly integrating the game of golf with character-building, we create learning experiences that help kids uncover their inner strength, self-confidence, and resilience that they can carry to everything they do. Our trained coaches provide an introduction to junior golf and an opportunity to enhance the participant’s golf skills. They also create a safe, supportive, and empowering environment to help your child prepare for life ahead, including friendships, school, college, and even their careers. Through our program, kids will learn skills that stay with them for life.

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