Community Spotlight: Rick Peters

We would like to take a moment to give a huge shoutout to our incredible friend, Rick Peters! For nearly 25 years, Rick has been a part of Pro Kids and to say he’s been a key player in our success would be an understatement! He is practically family, and Pro Kids wouldn’t be the same without him.

During his time as Head Golf Professional at The Bridges, Rick went above and beyond to spread the word about Pro Kids through Home-Home events, opening the doors for countless members to join our family. He’s one of our biggest supporters, always championing our mission and the work we do for our community.

His involvement with The Legacy has been a game-changer! From hosting Junior Legacy events to organizing the legendary Ernie Wright Cup, Rick’s creativity knows no bounds. The memories made at these events are priceless, thanks to his dedication and passion.

Rick’s annual trip to The Masters isn’t just about golf – it’s a tradition that adds an extra special touch to our April events. He always brings back goodies for our Masters-themed tournaments, making the month even more memorable for our members.

Rick, you’re a true hero to us all. Thank you for being an amazing ambassador, mentor, and friend to Pro Kids. Here’s to many more years of making a difference together!