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One year of membership includes access to all Pro Kids programs including Golf & Life Skills and The Academy. All members must be between the ages of 7 & 17 yrs old. 18 yr olds may attend if they are still in High School. Membership fees are $350 annually with a year commitment to Pro Kids. Financial Aid is available for any family to apply for.

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Specific Program Enrollment

All program enrollment is online through the Membership Portal. You must have submitted a membership registration form and completed a membership checkout on  the portal prior to enrolling in any Pro Kids programs. Once your membership checkout is completed, you can use our Membership Portal to enroll. Program sign-ups open one week prior to programs starting and are on a monthly basis. Membership does NOT guarantee a spot in golf class.

For more information, contact your local campus.

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Financial Aid

Pro Kids, First Tee – San Diego will never turn a child away from any of our programs due to monetary restrictions or difficulties. Pro Kids offers reduced rates ranging from 50-100% discounts based on income and family size. If you would like to request assistance, please fill out the Financial Aid questions on the Membership Registration Form using the button below. Please allow 72 hours for your request to be processed. Your local Program Director will contact you with further instructions once your request has been reviewed. If you are requesting Financial Aid, you will not need to make a payment at this time. 


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