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The mission of Pro Kids, First Tee - San Diego is to challenge underserved youth to excel in life by promoting character development, life skills, and values through education and the game of golf. Our team of dedicated staff is devoted to our youth participants and work to provide meaningful experiences, lessons, and connections both on and off the course.

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Annual Membership FAQ

Participant Age Requirements

All participant’s must be 7 – 17 years old to attend Pro Kids programming. No exceptions! *18 year olds can attend if they are still in high school.

What is changing?

Pro Kids, First Tee – San Diego is adjusting the membership format to better serve our families and simplify access to our programs.

Why is this change being made?

We received positive feedback regarding the change to age-based programming in 2022. We also received an overwhelming amount of feedback regarding the simplicity and ease of an all-inclusive, year-round membership rather than a session-based program. Returning to an annual membership format will allow a simplified checkout process for participants when it comes to registering for golf sessions.

What is included in a membership?
  • Access to age-based golf classes
  • Access to the golf course
  • Access to Learning Center programs and activities
  • Access to specialty field trips
  • Access to college and career prep activities
  • Access to scholarships for post-high school education
When is this change going into effect?

Effective October 1, 2023, all participants will no longer be required to pay the registration fee and then separate session fees. Instead, participants will make one annual membership purchase which grants access to Golf and Learning Center programs.

Who does this apply to?

All families must complete the renewal process by 12/31/2023, all future golf sessions will require the annual membership to enroll but will have no additional cost.

What is the annual membership rate?

The new annual membership rate is $1,000 beginning October 1, 2023, this covers the golf sessions, access to the course and facility as well as Learning Center activities.

Pro Kids, First Tee – San Diego is committed to serving low income and at-risk youth, we will never turn someone away for their inability to pay for our program. If you have a financial hardship or need membership fee assistance, please submit a financial aid request form.



How do I switch to the new membership format if I am a current member family?

All current families will have the opportunity to change their membership to an annual membership beginning October 1, 2023. If you have multiple participants, the expiration dates below refer to the latest expiration date on your account.

  • Current member families expiring October 1st – December 31st
    • No Financial Aid – Receive a discounted renewal rate of $500 or 50% ($500) off the new rate if they renew by 12/31/2023.
    • Financial Aid – Apply for financial aid using the online financial aid form.
      • You will receive a notification when your discount tier is assigned. Do not complete a membership order until you are notified the tier was assigned.
  • Current member families expiring January 1st 2024 or later.
    • No Financial Aid – Discounted renewal rate of $400 or 60% ($600) off the new rate if they renew by 12/31/2023. This discount will no longer be available in 2024.
      • Families may choose to apply for Financial Aid using the form if they have not yet done so.
      • Do not purchase annual membership(s) if you are applying for financial aid. You will be notified by email with your award amount and instructions on how to check out.
    • Financial Aid – Discounted renewal rates based on the existing pricing will automatically be assigned to your account if you renew by 12/31/2023. Renewing after 12/31/2023 will require you to reapply for financial aid.
      • Tier 1 – $75
      • Tier 2 – $50
      • Tier 3 – $30
      • Military – $0
      • Manager/Mission School – $0
I am a new family looking to join the program, how does this change impact me?

All new families will follow the normal registration process beginning October 1, 2023. The full price annual membership rate will apply to any new family joining October 1 or later. Financial aid applications should be submitted before any payment is made, if approved you will receive instructions by email.

Who qualifies for financial aid?

Participants attending partner schools or households which fall into one of the six categories below qualify for financial aid.

Financial Aid Chart (based on San Diego AMI)
% of AMI
30% – Extremely Low 50% – Very Low 60% – Moderately Low 80% – Low Income Median Income 120% of AMI Over max income
Family Size Tier 6/MISSION Tier 5 Tier 4 Tier 3 Tier 2 Tier 1 NA
2 <=29,999 30,000-54999 55,000-69999 70000-89999 90000-99999 100000-114999 115000+
3 <=34999 35000-64999 65000-74999 75000-99999 100000-104999 105000-129999 130000+
4 <=39999 40000-69999 70000-84999 85000-109999 110000-114999 115000-139999 140000+
5 <=44999 45000-74999 75000-89999 90000-119999 120000-124999 125000-149999 150000+
6 <=49999 50000-79999 80000-94999 95000-129999 130000-134999 135000-159999 160000+
7 <=54999 55000-84999 85000-99999 100000-139999 140000-144999 145000-169999 170000+
8 <=54999 55000-89999 90000-109999 110000-144999 145000-154999 155000-179999 180000+

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