The Pro Kids Women’s Golf Tournament is hosted at Colina Park Golf Course and helps raise awareness, funds, and support for Pro Kids girls mentoring programs and scholarships. Each foursome is paired with a Pro Kids girl for ultimate fun on the course, followed by a delicious lunch, raffle and silent auction. 

2021 Women's Golf Tournament

This year’s Women’s Golf Tournament successfully raised more than $25,000 for our Pro Kids girls’ and the programs they benefit from – programs that include mentoring opportunities, scholarship access, golf support and general college and career guidance. Pro Kids focuses on developing members both on and off the course, paving the way for their successful future. Whether it’s experiencing unique golf opportunities around San Diego, receiving tutoring and mentoring, being introduced to new extracurricular STEM subjects, or assistance in college pursuits – we are dedicated to providing the best support to our members and this event helps us do it!

Photos from this year!