Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q: What age does my child need to be to join Pro Kids?
Children must be at least 7 to join the program. We cannot pre-register students or allow participation before age 7. You can contact our golf coaches to inquire about private lessons for youth under 7. The maximum age a student can join the program is 18, at long as they’re still a senior in high school at the time of signup.

Q: Does my child have to wear a mask?
Yes. We ask that everyone on a Pro Kids, First Tee – San Diego campus wear a mask. Members must wear a mask during any indoor activities. They will be able to remove the mask when eating, drinking, or participating in any outdoor activity that allows for six feet of distance between participants. If at any time members are closer than six feet, we will require masks. This is in compliance with San Diego regulations for COVID-19 and applies to all Pro Kids programs, including but not limited to Pro Kids Academy and Golf Class.

Q: Can my child attend both Pro Kids Academy and Pro Kids Golf Class?
Yes. Members must pre-register online for both Pro Kids Academy and Pro Kids Golf Class. These registrations are separate registrations, regardless of if the member will be attending both on the same day. Members have the option to attend Pro Kids Academy and Pro Kids Golf Class on the same day or on separate days.

Q: Can I drop off my child without registering?
No. Members who have not pre-registered will be turned away. Day-of, onsite registrations are not permitted.

Q: What if my child is sick on a day that he/she is scheduled to attend Pro Kids?
Please do not bring your child if he or she displays any COVID-19 symptoms, has felt sick in the last two weeks, or has had any contact with a sick individual (including household members). Instead, please call Pro Kids to inform us that your child will not be attending. Any pre-registered members who miss Pro Kids Academy or Golf Class due to sickness will not be penalized.

Q: How early can I drop off my child?
Members cannot check-in any earlier than 10 minutes prior to the start of any Pro Kids program including Pro Kids Academy and/or Pro Kids Golf Class. Members that come earlier will have to wait outside with a parent or guardian until the appropriate time.

Q: Can I wait onsite while my child attends programming or golf class?
No, we ask that parents and guardians wait in their cars or offsite until their child is ready to be picked up. Due to COVID-19, we are limiting the amount of people on our campuses to allow for social distancing and avoid groups congregating.

Q: I have paid for my year of membership, does this automatically enroll me in all programs/golf classes?
No, all programs require monthly signups to ensure that we have a spot available for your child. Pro Kids Membership does not guarantee a spot in programs (including golf). Due to COVID-19 restrictions we have a limited capacity in all programs and signups are first come, first served. We recommend signing up for activities well in advance. This sign up process is separate from the membership registration and payment process.

Q: I paid for my child’s membership, but there are no spots left in golf class. Can I get a refund for the month?
Generally no. Even with golf classes being full, membership includes several other benefits, including access to the Colina Park Golf Course, driving range, putting green, Distance Learning Support and the Pro Kids Academy. We encourage families not to register for membership mid-month, as our Level 1 golf classes fill up quickly due to limited capacity. Getting a refund is only possible by canceling your membership, so you would need to re-register to be able to participate the following month. If you have specific questions about membership, please contact your Program Director.

Q: When do signups become available?
Signups for the following month’s programs will be available one week in advance (typically the last Monday of the month).

Q: How can I play golf with my child?
Pro Kids Members have access to our public Colina Park Golf Course located in City Heights as well as our private Oceanside course.

  • For Colina Park Golf Course, we ask that member families call or email the City Heights front desk ([email protected]) to reserve a tee time. Members and one adult family member play for free. Youth under 5 are also free. Call 619-582-7884 or email [email protected] We cannot guarantee course availability without a reservation.
  • For Oceanside Open Play, members are welcome to play with their families on our private Oceanside course. This is available during Open Play Hours – Weekdays from 10am-4:30pm. No reservation required.

Q: Do you offer orientations/tours for new/prospective members?
We are not currently offering in-person group orientations. We have an overview of all Pro Kids programs available as a Powerpoint that we can send to you. Please contact your Program Director to schedule a phone call or in-person tour for more information. Our website is also a great resource, please take some time looking through it for an introduction of Pro Kids.

Q: Will the programs offered change as government restrictions change?
Pro Kids will continue to abide by county and state recommendations as we see fit. For the health and safety of our members, staff, and volunteers we aim to keep our golf classes to a safe 1:6 ratio and Pro Kids Academy groups at a 1:10 ratio. Changes will be made as we receive updates regarding COVID-19 and local government ordinances.

Pro Kids Academy Questions

Q: How often can my child attend the Academy?
Your child can attend as little as one day per week and as often as five days per week. When you sign up for the month, you select which days your child will be participating. If your schedule changes mid-month, please let your Program Director know.

Q: Do I have to commit to a full month of Pro Kids Academy?
Yes. Any member that registers for Pro Kids Academy is committing to attend the chosen days of the week all month. For example, registering for “Elementary Group – Tuesday” will register your child for all Tuesdays in the month. Failure to attend more than one session without notice may result in removal. We have limited capacity for members and want to accommodate as many families as possible. By not attending a pre-registered Pro Kids Academy session, we have the right to give your spot to another member.

Q: Does my child have to attend the full Pro Kids Academy day?
No. You may drop off your child at 2:00, 3:00, or 4:00. Members must be picked up by 5:30PM and can be dropped off no earlier than 10 minutes prior to the desired check-in time (selected in registration).

Q: How big are the Pro Kids Academy groups?
To comply with COVID-19 county regulations, we will keep groups to small numbers. Groups will never exceed 10 students, though our goal is to keep groups to 6-8.

Pro Kids Golf Class Questions

Q: Do I have to commit to a full month of Pro Kids Golf Classes?
Yes. When you register, you are committing to attend for the full month on the days you sign up for. If you will not be able to attend a golf class, please let a Golf Coach or Program Director know as soon as possible.

Q: Are email or phone signups accepted for Pro Kid Golf Classes?
No. Members must register for Pro Kids Golf Classes online in the Membership Portal.

Q: I signed up my child for Pro Kids Academy, does that mean they are automatically enrolled in that day’s golf class?
No. Members who attend Pro Kids Academy will have golf-centric games and activities but will not participate in the scheduled Pro Kids Golf Class unless separately registered.

Q: How many golf classes can my child attend?
Currently each member can attend one class per week.

Q: What does my child need for golf class?
Members should wear comfortable clothing and sneakers. We highly recommend wearing sunscreen and bringing a hat and water bottle as our water fountains are currently closed. If your child has golf clubs, please bring them. If they do not have any clubs, appropriately sized clubs will be loaned to them.

Financial Aid Questions

Q: Why has Pro Kids changed the financial aid requirements?
Pro Kids will continue to award financial aid to families in need. As a nonprofit, Pro Kids has an obligation to be a good steward of its resources, and we encourage our member families to do the same. Our new process assesses a family’s financial need in a fair way. Pro Kids will never turn families away for inability to pay and offer discounts from 50-100%.

Q: I have multiple children, are sibling discounts available?
No. Financial Aid calculations take into consideration the amount of children in a family. Families will pay a discounted rate for each child based on their Financial Aid award.

Q: My child attends a Provision 2 school, is membership free?
No. Financial Aid is calculated based on family size and family income. In order to be considered for financial aid, families must fill out a Financial Aid Request Form.

Q: Do military families receive financial aid?
Yes. All military and veteran families will receive a full discount if desired. If a military family is able to pay or would like to make a donation it will go towards supporting other families in need.

Q: My child receives free lunch at school, is membership free?
No. Participation in the Free and Reduced Meal Program at school does not automatically qualify a member for financial aid.  In order to be considered for financial aid, families must fill out a Financial Aid Request Form.

Financial Aid Details and Tiers: Military families who qualify will receive a 100% fee waiver on their membership fees. All other financial aid is offered on sliding scale, based on your household size and family income. Annual discount rates are offered on three tiers: $125/yr, $75/yr, $50/yr. Pro Kids will never turn away a family due to financial hardships.