Recognizing Excellence in City Heights & Oceanside

Jackson, City Heights

Our member of the month is Jackson! This Level 4 member has been a part of Pro Kids for four years. Jackson is 11 years old but has been playing golf since age 5, and can be found practicing on the driving range and golf course at Colina Park and Bonita Golf Course nearly every day. When he’s not practicing golf, he also enjoys volunteering for golf classes and participating in End of the Month tournaments. Beyond golf, he likes to play basketball, football, cricket, piano, and ride his bike. Jackson’s passion for golf goes beyond playing, he also writes about golf for school assignments and enjoys watching golf documentaries. Pro Kids staff appreciate Jackson’s drive, energy, competitive nature, and sense of humor. Congrats Jackson!

Anaya, Oceanside

Anaya is currently a freshman at Oceanside High School and has been a member at Pro Kids for over 5 years! Anaya is finishing her first season on the Oceanside golf team and helped lead them to a winning record. She enjoyed beating rival schools consistently and having a successful first year. Besides having a stellar golf season, Anaya is doing well in her studies and is currently enjoying her criminal justice class. Once Anaya graduates from high school and college she plans on becoming a Crime Scene Investigator, so watch out criminals! At Pro Kids, Anaya’s sense of humor and enthusiasm is appreciated by all, and she works hard to make sure that others feel included. We appreciate Anaya’s positive presence at Pro Kids and look forwards to all the future successes to come!