Members of the Month

Luke, City Heights

Our Member of the Month is Luke! Luke is a Level 3 member who joined PK in December 2021 and is currently in 7th grader at Francis Parker. Luke is an extremely driven and motivated individual who was recently a part of the winning Level 2 team in our April Masters EOM and has recently certified into Level 3. You can find Luke at Colina Park almost daily, practicing and playing with his dad. During golf class, Luke has actively shown the qualities of a true leader, often being the first one to answer questions and help his classmates. Apart from golf, Luke enjoys playing baseball, hockey, and guitar and is an extremely bright student.

Ezekiel, Oceanside

It is with great honor to announce Ezekiel as our Member of the Month. Ezekiel is a bright and intelligent 5th grader who is graduating from Reynolds Elementary School. He is looking forward to starting his new adventure at Martin Luther King Middle School. Ezekiel is a hard worker, he recently leveled up and has become a level 3. Learning new skills both on and off the golf course is something Ezekiel enjoys. You can find him in golf classes every week displaying every word to live by. Off the golf course Ezekiel likes skateboarding and hanging out with his dog. Thank you, Ezekiel, for always being an awesome Pro Kids member and always respecting yourself, others and your surroundings.