Members of the Month

Ava, City Heights

Our member of the month is Ava! This 8th grader is a Level 4 member and has been coming to Pro Kids for a year and a half. Ava is a talented golfer enjoys practicing at Colina Park and at other courses. She has been playing golf for five years, and also practices karate and archery when she’s not at Pro Kids. Ava’s positivity and energy are infectious, and she makes friends wherever she goes. Pro Kids staff admire her dedication to golf, kindness, and courteous attitude towards others. We look forward to seeing the bright future that is in store for Ava!    

Willow, Oceanside

Willow is an outgoing 5th grader who attends Reynolds Elementary school. Willow is friendly and outgoing. She enjoys sharing funny stories with her classmates and is always on top of her academics. Willow is committed to what she puts her mind to. If the road gets bumpy, she doesn’t give up, instead she keeps going. In her free time, Willow enjoys getting in tune with her artistic side. Drawing animals and making book markers for her friends and teachers is something Willow is well known for. We can’t forget to mention her outstanding shoe game. One thing Willow is passionate about is her sneakers! Willow always thanks her parents for being able to provide her with golf clubs and the opportunity to attend Pro Kids. Congratulations for being a member of the month Willow, keep up the awesome work!