Members of the Month

Joel, City Heights

Our member of the month is Joel! This 7th grader joined Pro Kids last summer and is already a Level 4 member! Joel has excellent grades and participates in math competitions. He is also a dedicated student of golf, and puts great amount of focus into mastering fundamental skills. You can find him in golf classes twice a week, as well as practicing on the course, range, and putting green on the weekends. Joel volunteers in the Level 1 classes on Tuesdays, and is always happy to help out the golf coaches with picking up the range or setting up for class. When he’s not at PK Joel enjoys swimming, taekwondo, and basketball. We admire Joel’s dedication to helping others and doing his best at whatever activity he’s undertaking. Joel is a great leader and takes the Pro Kids Words to Live By to heart. Amazing work Joel!

Ethan, Oceanside

Ethan is currently a junior at El Camino High School. He rejoined Pro Kids and recommitted to playing golf after taking some time away to focus on baseball. He now plays on the El Camino golf team and is an avid participant in the Friday and Saturday golf classes. Ethan’s strong athletic abilities, coupled with his calm temperament, will continue to help him lower his scores and be a joy to play with. As a testament to his work ethic and determination, Ethan holds a 4.0 GPA and has been an Honor Roll student every semester of his high school career. Aside from his accomplishments in the classroom, he also spends time as an intern with Raytheon Technologies. Welcome back, Ethan!